I know who I think I am, but who am I? How do I describe myself? Who am I to those around me, who am I to myself? I don’t have split personalities trying to figure out who all the other personalities are, I am simply in a moment of rediscovery.

Who am I?

I have moved across the world to a place where almost nobody knows me and am introducing myself to a new world, community, colleagues and friend group.

People don’t know my past, my experiences or my idiosyncrasies; they don’t know how weird I really am! People don’t know my strengths or my weaknesses (thankfully… however these will be revealed in time). When they see me they simply see… a tall red head from Canada, ‘the new girl’, a person they have only heard about and don’t actually know.

Entering an already existing community is difficult when questions keep flying through my thoughts.

Who do I trust?
Who is my friend?
Who do I go to when I don’t know how to use my oven? (#thestruggleisreal … I don’t know how to use my oven right now…)
Am I living up to what they think about me?
What preconceived thoughts to they have about me and me about them?

Who am I? Who are they? When will I become them?

All of these questions are specifically to my work/living environment/community and they are all questions that will be answered in good time, but some I just want answered sooner than later!

I do know one thing and that is what is tattooed on my foot. I am a child of God and am proud of it! (John 1:12)

This is all part of transition and part of the process of entering a new community and country. Nevertheless I do feel like I’m back in High School trying to make new friends and establish my role in the community!